What Does Your Font Say About Your Firm? The Best Law Firm Logo Fonts

If you’re considering starting up a law firm or have an established practice, you know you need a letterhead and logo for your business card. But your law firm logo says more about your firm than you may think.

Your logo is often the first impression people get of your firm. If you hand out a business card, what stands out on it is the logo. Your website, which should be professionally designed, will ideally have a logo in the top portion of your main page. Your logo should represent your firm’s image and ideals. Do you perceive your firm to be more traditional, with a rich history? Is your firm more modern, cutting-edge?

Serif or Sans-Serif?

When it comes to font styles for your law firm website, you have two main classes of font styles: serif fonts and sans-serif fonts. What the heck is a serif font, you ask? Do me a favor, open Microsoft Word. Select Arial as your font and write your law firm name.

Now select Times New Roman and write your law firm name.

Notice how the Times New Roman font has little lines on the side edges of the letters? Arial doesn’t have that. Those little lines are called serifs, and fonts with serifs are serif typefaces. Serif fonts are usually associated with newspapers and print media (e.g. New York Times (they use Georgia)). Sans-serif fonts are usually associated with websites.

So, now that we’re experts on the difference between serif and sans-serif fonts, what does this mean to you? What does it matter whether my law firm logo font is a serif or sans-serif font? Serif fonts, being associated with newspapers and print media, convey a more old-world, classical style. They evoke a classic image. A serif font suggests your firm is a more traditional firm. A sans-serif font evokes a more modern image. It suggests your firm is more cutting-edge.

Many of the better law firm websites these days feature sans-serif fonts for their logos. Often, one can tell when a site is made poorly or using a cheap site-builder because the law firm’s “logo” is just the default Times New Roman font in a different color.

Where to Find a Free Law Firm Font

Fonts are plentiful. Many fonts are free. Google Fonts is a free tool you can use to browse hundreds of fonts, comparing them side-by-side. Search for free fonts on your favorite search engine and you’ll find libraries full of them. You can sort by categories – thickness, width, serif. You may be shocked to see how many thousands of fonts that exist that you’ve never heard of before.

Best Law Firm Logo Fonts

Now you may be wondering, “Well this is all great, but what is the BEST law firm logo font?”

We’ve created a resource listing some of the best law firm logos.