Criminal Defense Law Firm Website Statistics (100 Firms Analyzed)

criminal-defense-law-firm-marketingDo you want to level up your criminal defense firm’s digital marketing?

If so, this article is for you.

We recently analyzed the top 100 criminal defense firms’ websites, including JurisPage clients, to see where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

We looked at:

  • Website traffic
  • Social media
  • Loading speeds
  • Content
  • Backlinks
  • Domain authority
  • …and more

And we’re going to share our findings so you can invest your time and money into the right marketing avenues.

Let’s begin.

A summary of our key findings

  1. Data shows that many criminal defense law firms have slow mobile loading speeds. This indicates that mobile speed is not heavily correlated with Google rankings.
  2. Many websites attract fewer than 1,000 monthly visitors, giving them a lot of room for growth.
  3. Backlinks remain a critical ranking factor.
  4. There is a considerable disparity between criminal defense websites when it comes to the number of keywords they rank for, with 71% of websites at or below average. A small number of firms we evaluated have established a considerable number of hyperlinks, which skewed the data.
  5. A healthy 60% of websites have organic traffic values greater than $5,000 a month, while the lowest 21% have between $0–$1,000.
  6. Many criminal defense websites have low domain ratings. This indicates a low correlation between domain ratings and Google rankings.
  7. Criminal defence websites have an average URL rating of 34.1. URL Rating had a strong correlation with rankings.
  8. The top criminal defence firms have an average of 151 Google reviews, with an average review rating of 4.81.
  9. 51% of websites have between 101-500 pages, and top-ranking pages have, on average, 1,860 words.
  10. 97% of law firms we evaluated had an SSL certificate.
  11. 96% of websites we reviewed are mobile-friendly.
  12. Live chat is an unobtrusive and low-effort way of getting more leads and signing more clients. However, only 36% of law firms have used live chat.
  13. Only 47% of law firms have a case results page, despite it being an efficient way of establishing credibility and building on an SEO campaign.
  14. Blogging is an essential way to build backlinks, capture and improve keyword rankings, and establish authority. But only 67% of websites have an active blog.
  15. Video marketing is here to stay, but only 50% of law firms have videos on their website. Consider creating video content to engage with your audience.
  16. Despite being less optimal than custom images, 92% of websites use stock photos. We recommend creating valuable, original images whenever possible.
  17. 66% of websites are using WordPress as their CMS.
  18. 92% of criminal defense law firms have registered their domain for a period longer than 5 years.

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Desktop & Mobile Page Speed

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Website Security (SSL)

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Live Chat

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Case Results

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Video Content

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Age of Domain Name