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Law Firm Copywriting

Legal Copywriting for Humans (And Google)

Quality copywriting not only tells a story, but it does so in a thoughtful way that will resonate with potential clients.

Our legal copywriters and content writers can not only write well but also in a way that serves both humans and search engine algorithms.

We produce effective copy used throughout your website, landing pages, attorney bios, and blog posts designed with your audience in mind. (With the side effect of boosting your visibility, credibility, and earning you more money.)

Legal Marketing 360

Legal Content and Copywriting that Sells


You’ve got around 15 seconds to capture someone’s interest in your website. That’s why your copy and content really count.

With the right keywords, your site will become more visible on search engines like Google. And with the right copy, your readers will stay on the page long enough to get a sense of who you are, how you can help them with their legal issue, and why you’re a better choice than your competitor.

That’s the kind of legal copywriting we specialize in.

Imagine a world where enough clients are approaching you every day that you never have to rely on referral or word-of-mouth marketing.

An endless stream of leads calling and emailing you simply because you invested in high-quality legal copy that ranks and converts.

That’s what JurisPage’s team of legal content writers can do for you. We deliver personalized, value-driven content in all of our SEO campaigns on top of a law firm website design and other optimizations.

A Suite of Content Marketing Solutions to Generate Leads and Turn Them into Clients

Don’t get hung up on legal jargon — your law firm’s services should be described in a way that prospective clients understand (and in a way that they’re looking it up online).

We create a law firm SEO and content marketing strategy that aligns with your law firm’s core values and addresses your audiences’ wants, needs, and preferred ways of consuming content.


Blogging is an extremely effective marketing tool for law firms. We create SEO-optimized blogs that help law firms attract more clients and convert more leads.

  • Build trust and credibility
  • Attract clients and convert leads
  • Demonstrate your expertise

Website Copy

We’ll provide expertly crafted website copy that will act as your always-on sales team. We use search engine-optimized keywords and copy that not only ranks but sells.

  • Build brand awareness and tell your story
  • Drive leads through the sales funnel
  • SEO content that ranks

Landing Pages

You need to have landing pages that are targeted specifically toward the audience you generate from your campaigns. We create these pages and write custom copy that’s targeted specifically at the audience you generate from your Google Ads campaigns.

  • Quality copy that’s customized to your audience
  • Convert the leads you’re generating from Google Ads

Practice Area Pages

We write practice area pages that highlight what you do and your law firm’s accomplishments. They are designed to demonstrate expertise and experience.

  • Highlight your accomplishments by showcasing awards and accolades
  • Make it clear what you can do for prospective clients
  • Drive conversions with thoughtful calls to action