Best 17 Mobile Law Firm Websites

best-mobile-law-firm-websitesMobile and responsive website design have become an important consideration for any business, be it a law firm or otherwise. According to a study published to TechCrunch, in 2016 mobile and tablet Internet usage outpaced desktop usage for the first time.

Mobile websites share common traits with their desktop counterparts, however, they also differ in layout, usability, design and functionality. Regardless of your firm’s practice area, be it family law, personal injury law, criminal defence law, etc. it’s important your lawyer website be accessible to its audience across a wide range of devices.

To act as inspiration for your firm’s next project, we’ve scoured the web for some of the best mobile and responsive law firm websites. Enjoy!

1. AMIRI Law Group


2. Boughton Law


3. The Brattle Group


4. Calgary DUI Lawyer


5. Butler Wooten & Peak LLP


6. Colorado Legal Group


7. Gunderson Dettmer

Shout out to Great Jakes who do exceptionally beautiful work.

8. Ideal Legal

9. Jordan Law

10. Jurewitz Law Group

11. Legal Referral Service

12. Malman Law

13. Oblon

14. Oykhman Criminal Defence Law

15. Spectrum Family Law

16. Taylor Janis Employment Law

17. Fasken