Immigration Desk Case Study

anu gupta

Anu Gupta

Practice Area(s): Immigration Law

Immigration Desk was established in 1999 by Anu Gupta. Specializing solely in Immigration Law, they proudly represent both individuals and businesses looking for assistance with immigration into the United States.


Immigration Desk faced the task of standing out in the highly competitive market of immigration law. With numerous firms vying for attention and clients, establishing visibility and generating quality leads was a significant hurdle. The pressure was on to maximize every marketing effort to ensure immediate and impactful results.


To address these challenges, JurisPage employed dedicated landing pages for Google Ads, creating highly precise and targeted campaigns for each type of immigration service offered. With meticulous budget allocation and strategic campaign management, we ensured effective lead generation and maximized the return on investment for Immigration Desk in this competitive market.


After implementing our comprehensive Google Ads strategy, significant results were achieved in terms of lead generation. Immigration Desk receives over 100 sales-qualified leads from Google Ads.