Legal Blogs: 24 Top Blogs for Lawyers

legal blogAs a lawyer, you know the importance of staying on top of industry news, emerging legal trends, innovative technology, and changes in the law. But the vast amount of legal blogs on the web can be overwhelming.

Not many attorneys have the time to sift through a catalogue of blogs to find the best ones. And believe us, there’s never been more valuable content targeted towards attorneys on the web.

We’ve curated a list of the best legal blogs that you need to follow, covering many practice areas, topics of interest, and sectors to save you time.

What is a legal blog?

A legal blog, like any blog, operates as an online journal filled with insightful, informative articles written by legal experts for others in the industry.

Legal blogs are great ways to stay updated on the changing legal industry. You can find specific blogs catering to each practice area and interest, like legal technology or ethics.

The best blogs are regularly updated with new posts while updating old articles to keep them relevant.

Top general law blogs

Do you want to keep yourself in the know but don’t need to narrow in on a specific topic or practice area?

These blogs cover the news impacting legal professionals, touching on a variety of topics and interests. If you just want to stay in the know of all general legal happenings, these blogs are perfect.

1. ABA Journal

ABA Journal

If you’re in the legal industry, you know of the ABA Journal. Every attorney worth their salt visits (and even contributes) to the over 4,000 legal blogs written by experts

It’s updated every day by contributors and a team of qualified editors and reporters. Read by over 500,000 lawyers every month, you won’t find a more trustworthy resource.

If you bookmark only one blog on this list, let it be the ABA Journal.

2. Lawyer Monthly

Lawyer Monthly

Covering legal news from around the world, Lawyer Monthly publishes general news and legal matters daily. With reputable contributors in all practice areas and jurisdictions, you’ll have a hard time finding a more up-to-date news source.

Their editors keep all content updated daily, so you can trust that the content covering every region and practice area is current.

3. Above the Law

Above the Law

Taking a “behind the scenes look at the world of law,” Above the Law provides news, insights, and commentary on breaking legal news as well as the profession’s institutions and personalities.

Broken up into categories like Big Law, Small Law, Legal Tech, and Law Schools, there’s a bit of something for every attorney.

Of note is their career centre, where they provide insights and career advice for legal professionals at every stage of their career.

4. LexBlog


With a focus on “cultivating an empowering environment that highlights the hard work of the bright minds within the legal industry,” LexBlog is one of the main legal blogs you need to check out.

LexBlog has over 25,000 contributors, with many being from the top 200 law firms in the United States. They provide real-time news and insights into the industry, covering many topics.

And if you’re an aspiring blogger, you’ll find plenty of actionable tips in their resource center. Industry leaders share their expert advice on legal blogging, social media for lawyers, and more.

5. Legal Mosaic

Legal Mosaic

Legal Mosaic is a bit different in that it doesn’t cover breaking legal news or provide insights into practice areas. Instead, Mark Cohen et al. cover more philosophical topics that look at the legal industry from a bigger picture.

You’ll find articles touching on the changing legal industry, the future of law, and more. Expect a wealth of content broken down into easy-to-digest pieces that any legal professional will find value in.

6. Vanguard Law Magazine


Vanguard creates content for the world, not just for the United States. You’ll find insights into law worldwide from attorneys in North America, Europe, and South America.

They take on legal topics, including contracts and compliance, data privacy, and intellectual property.

But what makes them worth visiting is their stories highlighting people in the profession. They shine a light on a diverse array of legal professionals, including the motivations of women, LGBTQ, and internal lawyers.

Top legal technology blogs

Technology is constantly evolving, and it’s taking the legal industry with it.

Don’t be one of the legal professionals who refuse to stay current with legal tech. You’ll miss out on tools that help law firms streamline and optimize everything from client intake and billing to case updates and management.

Staying up-to-date with evolving tech-related legal news is challenging, but these legal blogs can help.

7. Law Technology Today

law technology today

Published by the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC), Law Technology Today is the go-to for legal technology tips, case studies, and resources like instructional videos, podcasts, and books.

If you want to stay on top of technology and keep your law practice modern, give them a look.


ABA Techshow

The ABA TECHSHOW is an annual conference involving legal professionals and technology. While it takes place once a year, their website has a regularly updated blog full of tech tips.

Expect to learn everything from legal marketing and social media tips to how to manage cybersecurity and keep your website and data safe.

9. LawSites


With a focus on legal technology and advancing trends, LawSites is a reputable blog for anyone looking to stay on top of all things techie.

There’s a lot more to the website than blog posts. You’ll find a tech directory filled with products sorted into categories, so you can find what you’re looking for.

You’ll also want to check out their podcast, LawNext, to hear from legal tech innovators and entrepreneurs.

10. JurisPage


Our blog is a carefully curated collection of blog posts aimed at helping you market your law firm. With a focus on digital marketing, we share tips and advice on all things digital marketing, including law firm marketing strategies, all things PPC for lawyers, and more.

Top criminal law blogs

Discovering reputable blogs focused on criminal law can be a challenge. Criminal lawyers want to read insightful content written by their peers — not newspaper headlines and gossip surrounding popular criminal cases.

These blogs discuss criminal law at an academic level, covering precedent-setting verdicts, evolving criminal laws, and moral debates.

11. The Crime Report

the crime report

Staffed by journalists, The Crime Report covers all things criminal justice in the United States and abroad.

Their prizewinning blogs are published daily, covering current events across the country. Expect a wealth of content covering all criminal areas, plus a calendar of events in the criminal justice field and downloadable resources.

12. The Volokh Conspiracy


Run by law and political science professors, this blog covers various criminal-law-related topics. You’ll find everything from opinions on current events to historical accounts of the supreme court.

Top legal ethics blogs

Any lawyer looking to safeguard their career against ethical violations should follow a legal ethics blog. After all, one accidental mistake could cost you your career.

This list of blogs covers all areas of ethics, sharing real examples of legal ethics violations and tips to stay on the right path.

13. The Ethical Investigator

the ethical investigator

Operated by Charles Griffin Intelligence, a consulting company filled with lawyers who specialize in business intelligence, The Ethical Investigator covers all things ethics.

You’ll find blogs written on topics including data privacy, due diligence, online security, and corporate investigations.

14. Law360


Reporting on current events within 24 hours, Law360 offers up-to-date coverage of all things law. You’ll find blogs covering news and many poignant pieces on ethics, discussing intellectual property, contracts, securities, employment, and more.

Top legal blogs for news and current events

These legal news blogs feature curated content covering legal industry events, trending legal stories, and legal analyses. There’s no better place to keep yourself in the know of all things legal.


An “industry-leading media platform,” think of as your one-stop shop for legal news. They cover just about everything, from global stories to local cases.

If you’re looking to stay up to date with breaking legal stories, this is the place to be.

You can also enjoy their library of resources, including a legal dictionary, a job board, and even a list of firms.

16. Legal Desire

legal desire

A publisher of legal news, research, and insights, Legal Desire brings legal stories to the forefront. They cover everything from the top global stories to small-town issues through a variety of media.

You’ll also find resources to continue learning through digital courses and an updated list of legal events.

17. SCOTUSblog

scotus blog

For insights and coverage on the U.S. Supreme Court, you’ll want to check out SCOTUSblog. Readers can sort through the cases by name or sitting, and the bloggers provide additional coverage to petitions that are of significance.

The blog covers every merits case three times: before argument, after argument, and after the decision.

You’ll also find in-depth analyses of important cases.



JURIST is an award-winning online news source staffed by over 80 law students across six continents. It’s a public-service project for the benefit of readers, meaning there is no financial incentives.

Expect objective coverage of trending legal issues across the world, told through an academic lens.

19. Reuters Legal

reuters legal

A reputable and comprehensive legal news source, Reuters Legal brings you coverage from around the world. There’s a bit of everything, from government and litigation to transactional and government law.

And while you’re there, you can check out their other sectors, like business or technology news.

20. JD Journal

jd journal

While they do publish breaking legal news, JD Journal is known for publishing stories and resources that better the lives of legal professionals and law students.

They focus on publishing big stories affecting the legal community, public profiles of outstanding figures, and just about anything and everything career-oriented.

21. JDSupra

jd supra

Broken down into three categories (corporate, small business, and personal matters), JDSupra’s focus is on providing insights into the business world. Think insights and commentary into vaccinations, blockchain, electric vehicles, and other big business ideas.

Top blogs focusing on legal practice management

As a law firm owner, you know the importance of staying on top of practice management tools, resources, and trends. After all, a well-managed practice translates into happy employees, more clients, and ultimately more revenue.

22. Uptime Practice

uptime practice

The Uptime Practice blog features tons of tips, tricks, and the latest trends in legal practice management. It’s an excellent resource for law firms getting off the ground and for the more established law firm.

You’ll find guidance on choosing the best law firm accounting software, how to utilize the cloud, and more.

23. Clio Blog


Clio is a great place for legal professionals looking to better themselves professionally, start a law firm, or improve their current business. They have a wealth of articles and other resources to help you run a more efficient law firm.

24. Attorney at Work

attorney at work

Since 2011, Attorney at Work has been sharing information and insights into what you need to create your own law firm and how to run it with success. Their hundreds of contributors share law practice tips for all practice areas.

Stay in the know with the best law firm blogs

Too many lawyers think that once they’ve finished law school, their learning is done. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The best lawyers are always reading up on what’s happening in the legal world, staying abreast of changing laws and new ways to run a successful practice.

Any one of these legal blogs is sure to give insight into the areas you’re looking to improve on, be that law practice management or a specific practice area.