30 Best Gifts for Lawyers and Law Students

google ads for lawyersAre you struggling to find a gift for the lawyer or law student in your life?

Perhaps they’re notoriously picky. Or maybe you don’t know them well enough to know what kind of gift they’d appreciate.

We’ve rounded up a collection of thoughtful, practical gifts for those in the legal profession, whether they’re a practicing lawyer or still in law school.

And if you don’t end up purchasing anything on this list, here’s the one thing you should take away from this article.

Give the lawyer in your life a gift they’ll actually use.

What are the best gifts for attorneys?

The best gift for attorneys — and just about anyone — is personable and practical. Skip the gift cards and generic presents. Instead, think about what type of gifts they’ll use every day.

Anything that helps lawyers unwind, increase their productivity, or improve their day is a good gift.

You could also go the more personal route, getting them something that’s thoughtful and tailor-made for them.

30 top-notch lawyer gifts ideas

Here are 30 gifts that any legal professional would love.

home office art lawyers

Home Office Art

$19 on Amazon

With more and more law firms going remote, a gift to spice up the home office is invaluable.

Nothing’s worse than spending your days working in a drab, uninspired office. It’s even worse for lawyers who have a lot of Zoom calls — we all know the struggle to create the perfect webcam background.

Consider gifting a sophisticated, modern piece of home art that can be displayed in the background during conference calls.

Law office decor can not only set the right tone for your meetings, but it also pulls the room together and can act as a mood booster.

There are hundreds of different types of art. It’s hard to recommend one piece for everyone. But consider something personalized or a piece with a bit of humor.

journal for lawyers

A Journal

$15 on Amazon

While not as common today as twenty years ago, journaling can benefit anyone, including a lawyer.

It’s more than just writing down your thoughts every day. Writing in a journal helps keep you organized and improves your writing, whether you’re a lawyer or a student.

Aside from that, journaling is proven to improve mindfulness, communication skills, and memory. And you can even purchase guided journals if free-flow writing isn’t your thing.

It’s a unique and thoughtful gift that can help any lawyer reduce stress and anxiety in their lives. And if they don’t end up using it, most journals can double as office decor.

scansnap scanner for lawyers

ScanSnap Scanner

$419 on Amazon

Many law firms are going paperless, using document and management tools like LexWorkplace to do so.

But you still need to bring your physical documents into the digital world. And many lawyers swear by the Fujitsu ScanSnap line of products.

Their portable model is lightweight, making it a perfect option for a remote lawyer or one who’s on the go. It scans your documents and sends them to your PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device wirelessly.

crosscut paper shredder for lawyers

Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

$33 on Amazon

Want to get someone the most practical, functional gift of all time? Think paper shredder.

Lawyers might strive to be paperless, but there will always be confidential papers making their way to an unassuming lawyer’s desk.

A lawyer can’t just toss client documents into the bin — that’s where a paper shredder comes in.

While it isn’t the most impressive gift, it’s something they’re likely to use often. Consider pairing it with something more personal.

home office greenery for lawyers

Home Office Greenery

$20 on Fleur Living

Like a piece of art, a beautiful plant is an excellent way to spice up a home office.

Your lawyer doesn’t have a green thumb? No worries. There are plenty of low-maintenance plants even the worst gardener can handle — try succulents.

There are hundreds of studies on the benefits of having plants in your office. Some plants clean the air. They can help to reduce stress and anxiety and even boost creativity.

Consider these plants:

  • Calathea’ Medallion’
  • Costa Farms Snake Plant Sansevieria Zeylanica
  • Euphorbia Lactea Variegata ‘White Ghost’

law themed mug

Law-Themed Mug

$18 on Etsy

Is your lawyer a coffee lover? Then maybe a fun, law-themed mug is the right gift.

It’s probably better as an add-on (maybe pair it with the paper shredder), but either way, it’s an excellent gift. Everyone has a favorite mug they use every day. And even if your gift mug doesn’t end up being that mug, it’ll still be a talking point.

For example, consider this funny (and pointed) mug from Etsy.

espresso machine for lawyers

Espresso Machine

$229 on Walmart

What better than an espresso machine to pair with that stylish new mug?

Both lawyers and law students know what it’s like to work long hours. Odds are, they can appreciate a cup of coffee, or better yet, a shot or two of espresso.

An espresso machine will quickly become your lawyer’s best friend.

If they aren’t big on espresso themselves, it’s always nice to be able to offer clients something when they’re in the office. It’s an excellent way to spruce up your lounge and office area.

noise cancelling headphones for lawyers

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

$348 on Amazon

An excellent gift for any lawyer, and an especially great one for a law student, noise-cancelling headphones are perfect for studying or just getting work done in a noisy environment.

Lawyers who work from home will appreciate the ability to block out background noise so they can focus on drafting documents. And law students studying in a noisy library will also love these.

Headphones are a highly recommended gift for anyone, as it functions well outside of the workplace.

home office lap desk for lawyers

Home Office Lap Desk

$40 on Amazon

Admit it, if you work from home, sometimes you’re working from the couch.

After all, being glued to a desk is one con of working from home.

A lap desk levels up anyone’s work-from-the-couch game, giving them space for a cup of coffee and their laptop.

On a practical level, a lap desk lets your lawyer position themself more ergonomically while keeping their laptop elevated, off their lap, and free from overheating.

double seat cushion for lawyers

Double Seat Cushion

$99 on Purple

Whether your lawyer works in their office or at home, workplace ergonomics is a serious consideration.

A double seat cushion is great for office chairs, providing long-lasting comfort and support for those long days in the chair.

These cushions provide unmatched support for your tailbone while keeping your backside cool.

Your lawyer will love it.

certificate document frame gift for lawyers

Certificate Document Frame

$44 on Etsy

Every law student’s going to want to display their brand new law school diploma. To do that, they’ll need a certificate document frame.

It’s a thoughtful gift that, while not extravagant, is practical and necessary.

If it’s for someone close, consider pairing it with another gift on this list, like a laptop bag or journal.

two piece pen set gift for lawyers

Two-Piece Pen Set

$35 on Etsy

A stunning, personalized two-piece pen set is an excellent gift for any lawyer.

While most documents have gone digital, there will always be the need to mark up a physical copy from time to time. Plus, signing documents is still primarily physical.

These sets are high-quality and come with beautiful rosewood cases. You can engrave the box with anything you like. We recommend “best lawyer ever” or something along those lines.

instant pot gift for lawyer

Instant Pot

$89 on Amazon

We know that lawyers and law students work a lot. That also means they don’t have much free time after a day at court to prepare a meal.

That’s where an Instant Pot comes in.

An Instant Pot is a programmable pressure cooker that home chefs swear by. You can program the Instant Pot to cook food now or later. If a lawyer were to set it in the morning, they could have a meal prepared when they get home.

It’s the perfect way to keep a healthy, balanced diet while changing the world one case at a time.

laptop bag for lawyers

Laptop Bag

$20 on Amazon

Practical, functional, and sure to be well-used by just about any lawyer.

A quality leather laptop bag is perfect for lawyers who bring their laptops to court. It’s stylish and classic. But it can also be used elsewhere, like for trips to the office or the coffee shop.

And there are hundreds of designs out there to choose from. Don’t settle for a generic laptop bag from Target when you can get a custom-made, embossed laptop bag for the lawyer in your life.

world globe decanter for lawyers

World Globe Decanter

$200 on Etsy

Let’s face it, most lawyers wouldn’t turn down a glass of wine after a long day at work. And what’s better than a stylish colored-glass decanter for… well, decanting.

Not a drinker? No worries. It’s a great piece to keep in the office as decoration and celebrate after a big case.

These range from very expensive to quite affordable, so it all depends on your budget.

drink coasters for lawyers

Drink Coasters

$28 on Etsy

You get it by now — lawyers love to drink.

A set of marble coasters will go a long way in spicing up the decor in an office, and they’ll last forever too.

Got a lawyer who’s a little more eccentric? Consider giving them a set of democracy coasters, with the famous documents of American democracy front and center. Life, liberty, and the perfect glass of whiskey, right?

standing desk converter for lawyers

Standing Desk Converter

$180 on Amazon

We’ve all heard it before — sitting all day is harmful. Sitting can contribute to numerous health concerns, including obesity, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar.

But many of us, including lawyers and law students, spend a large part of our days glued to our desks.

What better gift than a standing desk converter? They let you change any old desk into a standing desk, so your lawyer can go between sitting and standing whenever they choose.

Coming in all sorts of finishes, colors, and materials, there’s a perfect standing desk converter for every aesthetic.

What better way to unwind than an ambient, crackling wooden wick candle with a favorite scent?

We’re all under pressure all the time, and lawyers are no different. Give the gift of a fragrant, long-lasting candle.

meal kit for lawyers

Meal-Prep Service Subscription

$9.99 per serving on Blue Apron

Along the same lines as the Instant Pot, anything to help move dinner along is a welcome gift.

This is the perfect gift if you know a lawyer or law student who enjoys cooking their own meals but doesn’t have the time to meal plan and grocery shop. There are tons of options for all diets, like HelloFresh and Blue Apron.

These services deliver pre-measured ingredients and recipes to your doorstep. All you do is follow the step-by-step recipe, and there’s a homecooked meal ready to go.

And your lawyer won’t need to be home to receive the food, either, as it’s delivered in an insulated box and dropped at the door. Truly the perfect gift for helping a lawyer balance nutrition and work.

yoga mat for lawyer

With a yoga mat, any lawyer can master their work-life balance.

The great thing about a yoga mat is your lawyer can bring it anywhere, including the office. They can get their sun salutation on during the lunch break, then get back to making a difference.

And it’s just as convenient for the remote lawyer. It’s possible to do an entire yoga routine with no equipment aside from the mat, so your lawyer can focus on their health.

There are also personalized yoga mats if you want to go the extra mile.

customizable planner for lawyers

Customizable Planner

$50 on Etsy

Let’s face it, lawyers and law students are some of the busiest people out there. They balance court cases, appointments, classes, and personal commitments and responsibilities.

A customized planner is miles ahead of a generic planner. It can be tailor-made to include specific sections a lawyer would need. Need more space for freewriting? That can be done. Want a full-length calendar? Sure thing.

They can also be embossed with initials or whatever other information you’d like to put on the planner.

Lawyers and law students are academics, first and foremost. Many of them love the pursuit of knowledge and continue learning well beyond finishing law school.

A digital course or webinar can not only be a fun gift, but it can help your lawyer learn new skills they can take into their career or their personal life.

Maybe they aren’t too digital marketing savvy — send them a beginner course on digital marketing for law firms. Or they just started their own law firm — the perfect opportunity to send them a course on business development.

Online courses are great for busy lawyers who need to learn at their own pace.

You can find many courses on Udemy, Coursera, or even LinkedIn.

the anxious lawyer

Jeena Cho and Karen Gifford’s The Anxious Lawyer

$30 on Amazon

Many lawyers operate under a pretty high level of stress every day. Think about it — battling it out in court over a serious, high-pressure case could raise anyone’s blood pressure.

Books are great gifts, but Jeena Cho’s and Karen Gifford’s The Anxious Lawyer may be one of the best.

It’s a book written by lawyers, for lawyers, all about mindfulness and combatting the anxiety that comes with being a lawyer. The authors know firsthand the level of stress that comes with the job and have created a resource to help fellow lawyers manage it.

The book includes an 8-week program on meditation and mindfulness to turn theory into practice.

Founding Father’s Whiskey Glasses

Founding Father’s Whiskey Glasses

$16.00 – $100.00 on Uncommon Goods

You can get these stunning whiskey glasses as a single glass or in a set.

Each glass displays a founding father’s signature, a personal seal, and a memorable quote. They’re great display pieces, even for the lawyer that doesn’t drink much whiskey.

scales of justice notepad gift for lawyers

Scales of Justice Notepad

$20+ on Etsy

I know you know what it’s like to need a sheet of paper and not be able to find one. Well, save your lawyer from that same struggle.

The perfect desk accessory for a new attorney, this scales of justice notepad is functional and attractive. And even if they aren’t a notetaker, it looks professional (and is excellent for doodles).

Shiatsu Kneading Massage Pillow

Shiatsu Kneading Massage Pillow

$40 on Amazon

We mentioned how stressful a day in the life of a lawyer could be. Why not give the gift of a relaxing massage pillow?

This compact pillow massager can be attached to an office chair, keeping your body aligned while giving you that massage you deserve.

Pair it with the double seat cushion, and you’re in for a good time.

lawyer socks gift

Lawyer Socks

$12 on Etsy

While not the most personal gift, these can be a great gag gift (that’s still functional). There are hundreds of funny lawyer socks available online, and it’s a great gift in addition to something else, like a whiskey glass.

Plus, the right pair of lawyer socks can even be worn with a suit to add a bit of flair to an otherwise standard look.

blue light glasses

Blue Light Glasses

$10 on Etsy

Anyone forced to stare at a computer screen all day would benefit from a pair of blue light glasses.

They’re affordable, and there are hundreds of different options available online, so your lawyer or law student can look stylish while protecting their precious eyes during their many hours of research.

lawyer gift box

Lawyer Gift Box

$45 on Etsy

Don’t know what to get a graduating law student?

Head over to Etsy and purchase a lawyer gift box. There are a few varieties, but they’re all customizable and come with some standard, engraved items like a shot glass or tumbler.

It’s the perfect impersonal gift when you’re not sure what else to get.

comfortable slippers for lawyers

Comfortable Slippers

$22 on Amazon

With many lawyers working from home, a pair of comfortable slippers are more valuable than you know.

After all, let’s not pretend we’re not all wearing pyjamas under our dress shirts.

Impress the lawyer in your life with these gift ideas

Getting the perfect gift can be a challenge, but hopefully, we’ve helped you narrow down your list.

The best gift for an attorney is the one they use the most. With that in mind, choose a gift you know your lawyer would like.

If they love a glass of whiskey, the whiskey glasses will be a hit. If they’re feeling overwhelmed, The Anxious Lawyer is a safe pick.

Regardless of the gift you give, they’re sure to love it.